Our History

Founded in 1974 by Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Bernard Lown, the Lown Cardiovascular Group has a rich history of compassionate, non-invasive care and treatment of all types of cardiovascular disease and conditions.

Through the years the Lown Group has been home to some of the world’s leading physicians in the cardiovascular field, physicians who have spent countless hours researching and treating heart disease and conditions.

Dr. Lown has devoted over fifty years to the practice of medicine, the field of cardiology, and the betterment of humankind. He is the author of The Lost Art of Healing and Prescription for Survival: A Doctor’s Journey to End Nuclear Madness.

The Lown Cardiovascular Group, Inc.

In addition to our clinical services, we are committed to advocating for patient-centered heart health and prevention. We created a nonprofit organization – the Lown Cardiovascular Group, Inc. – to carry out a range of outreach and education activities

Some of our activities include:

Patient Education

We produce a range of patient education activities, including: our quarterly heart health newsletter, health literature updates on our social media outlets, and special programs to promote cardiovascular health among our patients and their families.

Physician Training

We offer a hands-on approach to teaching medical students who rotate through the Lown Cardiovascular Group and to other physicians and health professionals worldwide. Every year, the Lown Group offers training opportunities for third year Harvard Medical School students through Harvard’s Primary Care Clerkship.

The Primary Care Clerkship grew out of Harvard Medical School’s desire to provide students with a longitudinal clinical experience in which they would care for patients outside a hospital setting. The central goals of the Primary Care Clerkship are to give students an opportunity to care for patients over time and to explore eight major themes of primary care:

  • Managing illness and clinical relationships over time

  • Finding the best available answers to clinical questions

  • Preventing illness and promoting health

  • Dealing with clinical uncertainty

  • Optimizing use of sometimes limited resources

  • Working in a health care team

  • Sharing decision making with patients, within the context of their family/culture

  • Practicing effectively within the health care delivery system


Our physicians often contribute to scientific literature and participate in current health policy discussions and debates on patient-centered best practices and accountable care.

End of Life Care

We recently launched the Caring to the End and Good Life Project initiatives, which focus on end of life cardiac care planning with dignity. Designed to evaluate and optimize the experience of individuals with serious illnesses, the Good Life Project strives to initiate meaningful conversations among patients, family members and physicians before the onset of a medical crisis.



Hospital Affiliation

The Lown Cardiovascular Group is closely affiliated with the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Our Board-Certified cardiologists hold teaching positions at Harvard Medical School and faculty appointments at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. In the event of hospitalization or invasive procedures, we will make every effort to admit our patients to the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where our physicians will see hospitalized patients on a daily basis in order to provide continuity between the hospital and the clinical setting.

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Our Philosophy

Founded by Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Bernard Lown, The Lown Cardiovascular Group provides patient-centered, noninvasive cardiovascular care that emphasizes prevention, compassion, and trust between doctor and patient. Our approach has focused on…

  • Doing more for our patients and less to our patients.

  • Taking time to listen to your concerns is critical to our understanding of your medical needs.

  • Recognizing that when you understand your health issues, you are better able to participate in your own care.

  • Providing patients with individualized care by focusing on the patient with a condition, rather than the condition itself.

These fundamental principles have guided our practice for nearly 50 years. We continue to provide and advocate for cardiovascular care that is practical, cost-effective, and promotes shared decision-making.

"Medicine is the art of engagement with the human condition rather than with the disease."

 - Dr. Bernard Lown

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