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The Lown Cardiovascular Group introduced the Boston Heart membership program in 2012 in response to drastic cuts in insurance reimbursement. Rather than compromise the quality of care that has always been our trademark, we instead took the innovative step to create Boston Heart, an affordable, fee-based membership program. We ask our patients to join us in becoming members of a unique practice arrangement that emphasizes the importance of spending time with each individual patient, providing a level of care and attention that is a rarity in today's healthcare climate. While we applaud the spirit of cost containment, we are deeply concerned with the effect such drastic reductions have on patient care. Essentially, we would need to double our patient load to stay even. Taking on twice as many patients would require us to cut the time we spend with each patient in half. Nationwide, time spent between physicians and patients has eroded, and doctors are forced to hurry through examinations in order to rush off to their next patient, a trend known as “drive-thru medicine”. Here at the Lown Group, our patients have always received the highest level of attention and care from every physician, nurse, technician, and support person in our practice. Spending time with a patient is essential in understanding, diagnosing, and treating a patient on an individual basis. Rushing through an examination is not the way we wish to practice medicine, and we are sure that no patient wants to be “just another number”.

How is this different from a concierge practice?

The Lown Cardiovascular Group is not a concierge practice. A concierge cardiology program typically charges 10 to 20 times our fee in order to limit the number of patients in their practice. Our program is different - our goal is to keep our doors open to all of our patients, and to continue to provide you all with outstanding, personalized cardiology care. Our Boston Heart program enables us to provide you with the patient-centered, noninvasive, holistic cardiovascular care we are known for.

In return for the annual fee, we offer reduced-fee visit with our nutritionist as well as additional support from a care manager, including medication tracking, contacting your primary care provider, coordinating with other specialists, and scheduling any necessary offsite tests. Our entire staff, including our administrative assistants, technicians and nurses, share our mission of providing you with world class care in a warm and supportive environment.

What about the fee?

  • Individual membership: $500

  • Couple membership: $800

  • Full-time students: fee waived

New patients, whether self-referred or referred by their primary care physician, will be automatically enrolled in Boston Heart. Your first year membership fee will be waived, so you can establish a relationship with the Lown Cardiovascular Group before determining if you wish to remain a patient. After the first year, you will receive a letter indicating that your fee is due. We are also fortunate that some of our patients have generously donated extra funds to support those with financial hardship; we are happy to discuss this further if you have questions.

Your membership will enable us to have longer visits with you and provide additional important services for your health. Boston Heart does not replace your medical insurance, it supplements it. You will still need insurance coverage for medical procedures, hospitalizations, emergency room visits, laboratory services, radiological imaging, and prescription medications.

What if I have more questions?

As part of Boston Heart, we have a Patient Services Manager, Kathy Jordan on staff to help coordinate all aspects of your care, including communicating with your primary care physician, scheduling additional services, tracking medications, and addressing other needs required for good health. You can reach Kathy at our main number 617-732-1318, and feel free to bring up any questions you might have about the membership fee with your doctor at your next visit.





Become a Member

If you are not a member of the Boston Heart program yet, or if you would like additional information about the program, please contact Kathy Jordan, Patient Service Manager, at 617-732-1318.

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