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August 9, 2016

Many athletes suffer from chronic muscle cramping. It affects people during exercise, rest, or even sleep and can have debilitating and painful effects on an athlete’s performance. In 2004, women’s marathon world record holder ­­­­Paula Radcliffe of Great Britain was unable to complete the Olympic Marathon due to muscle cramping midway through the race. So if even elite athletes suffer from this common problem, how do we fix it?

The first step is to make sure that electrolyte and hydration levels are sufficient. The easiest way to cramp is by dehydrating a muscle or upsetting the electrolyte balance (ex. magnesium, sodium, potassium). The first remedy most people use for cramps is an electrolyte sports drink...

July 28, 2016

In April, former Patriot and long time Bostonian Ron Brace died due to heart failure at the age of 29. After autopsy, medical examiners listed Brace’s cause of death as an irregular heartbeat combined with a heart condition caused by high blood pressure. Examiners ruled out the possibility of heart attack, as was assumed before the autopsy. Brace, six foot six and 330 pounds, was drafted in 2009 to the Patriots as a defensive lineman after a successful career at Boston College. He played 39 games over four seasons with the Patriots before retiring.

We at the Lown Group are deeply saddened by Brace’s story. Heart failure should not be a problem at age 29, and it represents a core issue in athletics. Many athletes are not giv...

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