Getting in touch with your doctor


If you are a physician and you would like to refer a patient to the Lown Cardiovascular Group, please:

1. Complete our patient referral form

2. Email it to or fax it to 617-734-5763

If you have any questions about which is the most appropriate cardiac stress test, please do not hesitate to call us to speak directly with one of our cardiologists. You can reach us at 617-732-1318.

Send a message to your doctor

Existing patients may contact their provider online via the Partner's portal Patient Gateway. If you need assistance with your Patient Gateway account, you can call the help desk at 800-745-9683 or check out their FAQ page.

Communicating via Patient Gateway is the BEST and MOST SECURE way for patients to send questions, information and/or test results to their physician or provider

Call 617-732-1318​

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