Holter and Event Monitors

These are small monitors that record your heart rhythm while you are sleeping, exercising at home, and under the daily stresses of life.


A Holter monitor (also called an ambulatory electrocardiography device) is a small device that continuously records your heart rhythm during usual daily activity. These monitors are generally worn for 24 to 48 hours. Your only limitation during this time is that it cannot get wet (i.e. you cannot take a shower or go swimming when wearing the monitor).


An event monitor is a credit card-sized device that you hold against your chest when you want to record a symptom or heartbeat. You will be given a diary in which to record your activities and symptoms, which will then be correlated to the electrocardiogram recording provided by the monitor. It will take about ten minutes in our office for you to be instructed on how to wear and use the monitor. Unlike the Holter monitor, these are not worn continuously on your body. Typically you will carry it with you for 30 days and use it as needed when you have symptoms. Therefore, you can shower and swim as you normally would.

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